Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plans Cancelled.

I was planning on going to the fireworks at Rhythm & Booms.
It's awesome.
You should go.
It's the second largest display of fireworks in the country, second only to NYC, and it's friendly, easy to get in and out of, and overall, a great experience.
We were going.
Then my husband up and said "what are you going to bring for a nursing blanket?"
A what?
"Whatever it is you use when you're in close proximity to thousands of people."

I have no words for this, other than I'm not going. Not because I'm uncomfortable nursing in public, I'm uncomfortable being in public with people I don't like.

After a long conversation about what he "meant" and how it made me "feel," we are most likely still going, and he'll keep his nose out of my nursing.  Sometimes a good long honest and raw conversation can make a huge difference, even if they feel a little scary.

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