Thursday, April 01, 2010


Well, we're not to full out crawltastrophe just yet.... but we're getting there.

Today Snapdragon has gotten into and "played with" the following:

The diaper pail - lid and dirty diaper

The garbage can - used tissues and a cloth diapers instruction sheet

My shirt - he now seems to think he can crawl over to me when I'm down low and "open the fridge door."

My loom - the shuttle and wool yarn

Mongoosine's odds and ends box - an ATC and a magnifying glass

My mother in law's jewelry box - a button, three pair of earrings and a pin, all heart shaped (I hope that was all)

Diaper bag - my day planner

Bathroom organizer - multiple entire drawers and all of their contents. Yes, the drawers were on the floor- i think it was mostly sample sized creams. I had thought they were empty.

Laundry - Reds and Whites. This is why my whites might look a bit pink.

Laundry room - clothespin & a bottle of bleach. Why do we even HAVE a bottle of bleach?! No, he didn't get it open, but nonetheless, eek!

So, why didn't you tell me that boys get into everything?

Perhaps it's just decade induced forgetfulness, but I feel like Mongoosine didn't get into nearly so much at this age.

What did your kids get into today?