Thursday, March 11, 2010

With the Clarity of Youth

"There can be no secrets in a hoise with children."When I first read those words in Diane sutterfield's novel, "The Thirteenth Tale," I thought it was silly. Of course there are secrets. I have children. That doesn't mean my entire life is an open book, does it?
Of course not, or so I told myself.
Anyone else uncomfortable with this notion?
But it's true. There are no secrets.
Ears in other rooms always perk up when their names are mentioned, and it makes me wonder, how many other words are like a dog whistle, demanding instant and complete attention? More than any of us want to think, I am certain.
Why do I say thois? Bee our children see us. They truly see us. We, as mothers, have been the most constant point in their environment for their entire lives. There is nothing they know better han us. They know when we're trying top a happy face on. They can tell when we're irritated, and they know that they can learn the most aboutfrom pushing those buttons with which they're so familiar when we are. They know what songs we like and which guy on TV we think is hotter than daddy.
Sure, they come off as oblivious, but then, out of the blue, they will do or say something that proves they were always paying attention, and that they see us with this clarity that we forgot we could be viewed with.
It never fails to touch my heart, and it also, invariably reminds me that I need to try harder and be better, because they are watching, and learning.

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