Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainbow Rocker

I finished my first full on punked-out sock monkey today. I'm calling him my "Rainbow Rocker."
To date, he's been my test monkey for things like embroidering techniques, how to make a guitar, how to give a monkey a mohawk, best methods for piercings, and other such fun.
What I've learned. Embroidered silver studs don't show up well on gray, the crocheted black hoop (in the hidden ear) looks more dramatic, I want to put something rigid in the guitar next time, and I was going about the embroidering all wrong. Subsequent punkies will reflect these changes. Nonetheless, I'm really quite pleased with the way he turned out, and I am going to miss him when he finds his new home, but I suspect it'll be a good home.

Any other suggestions on what I should do different in the future, or is he just too cute the way he is?

3 reflections:

Upstatemomof3 said...

No suggestions but he is awfully cute!!

saskia said...

cute cute!

Anonymous said...

We LOVE him! Only thing I would reccomend issort of what you already said about the guitar. YOu need to find a more permenant way to attach the strings. I fixed it with a dab of hot glue INSIDE the guitar! ;) But you could try fusable interfacing, as well.