Thursday, January 07, 2010


Recently, the fabulous Jessie over at Moma Lovebug, maker of Heart Felt Food, and twitter goddess extraordinaire had a brilliant idea. She thought, why don't we have a bloggy/twitter ornament exchange to breathe some new life into our holiday decorations?
Well, so of course, being the artsy craftsy type, I was all on board with it.
Sadly, the ornament is gone now, so I only can share the pictures I took with my phone, but I thought I'd share with you guys so you too can feel the love.

#bfing ornament for @ellisfan14 @jessiekaitlin on Twitpic

This ornament measures 1"x 3" and is made of two layers of glass with different pieces of paper cut, stamped, and otherwise embellished sandwiched in the middle. On the back there was rice paper, an elephant, some nifty woven mesh, and the word "Joy," but I prefer the side with the breastfeeding mother, and have therefore chosen to share that with you.

I genuinely enjoyed making this ornament, though in retrospect, I wish the old art text which I cut apart for the image had contained more than the one breastfeeding mother painting!

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