Friday, January 08, 2010

The Great Fluffy Review: Birdseye Flats

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, since I've already mentioned how I feel about plastic pants and pins in my review of prefold diapers.

When we started cloth diapering Mongoosine, back in 1999, Birdseye Flats made up the other half of our stash. We used them with plastic pants and pins. Now, diapering snapdragon, again, I prefer to fold them and lay them in a wrapping cover. I don't love messing with the folds necessary to use them the old fashioned way, but when I do, I'm usually grateful for a Snappi.

That said. If used the "old fashioned way," they hold in poo-splosions much better than folded and laid in, thus keeping your cover cleaner.

Flats are better than prefolds in that you don't need to have more than one size, but rather can fold them differently to fit your baby as s/he grows.

The Good:
Multipurpose. When baby is potty trained, they're great for cleaning around the house.

The Not So Good:
No layer of moisture protection to keep baby's bottom dry.

Overall: I don't feel like my diaper stash would be complete without flats, and I highly recommend at least one package of these to anyone cloth diapering, because let's be honest, sometimes we all get behind on the wash and have to get creative. I personally tend to use these coupled with a prefold for added absorbency in the morning, because that's when Snapdragon tends to do his firehose impression.

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kadiera said...

One huge benefit of flats: they dry super fast. I need to post about using them on our trip to Florida over New Year's, but in short: easier to hand wash, dry overnight (and wrap covers too, depending on what kind you pick), and even in a laundrymat, they'll dry on one round in the dryer :)

Slee said...

I LOVE how fast they dry. In that sense, they are WONDERFUL. Even when I was hand washing, they'd dry in the one trip through the dryer, which is all sorts of awesome, because hand washing is such a pain that one doesn't want to have to be fighting with the dryer afterwards!

Aly said...

I used nothing but flats with my first daughter for 14 months.I then got fed up with the rubber pants and bought 2nd hand Motherease nappies and wraps(I didn't know you could use wraps with them).Then when my 2nd daughter and third baby arrived I found using both was necessay.I used the flats at home because that's where we spend most of our time.They dry easily on an airer.I also love the different folds and I also use a prefold as a booster.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I would love a how to fold flats post - I have a few and do not know how to fold them properly.

BlackAngel said...

This is so neat. My mom diapered me in Birdseye too!! That was 32 years ago. Nice to see they're still around.


Anonymous said...
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