Thursday, December 03, 2009


My twitter friend @RockerByeBaby has adopted two families for Christmas through WishUponAHero, and we're chipping in over here. You can read about that here. Why? Because giving is an essential part of humanity, and I feel blessed to be able to help moms in need.
So if you want to make someone's holiday truly blessed, you can get in touch with Amber, or check out WishUponAHero and adopt a family of your own.
Happy holidays.

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Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I got chills reading that story. What an amazing testimony of what we can and SHOULD be doing for one another. And I read the comments of people willing to help Rockerbyebaby and I was again amazed at people's generosity! It's making me think twice about how much I have.. even though I don't think I have a lot and we are on a really really tight budget. *Sigh*