Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gypsy Jewels Nursing Clips Review

We've all had that moment. You know, the "gee I wish I had a nursing cover with me right now" moment.
As you've probably read before, I only like nursing covers when they're there for mom and baby to feel more comfortable. Maybe it's too sunny where you're nursing. Maybe baby's overstimulated. Maybe you're sitting too close to some cat-calling types or just someone creepy. Sometimes a mama wants a cover. Sadly, if you're like me, it's less and less likely that you'll have one with you when that urge strikes, whether it's because you're de-cluttering your diaper bag, your cover is in the wash, or you simply didn't think you'd need it.
Enter Gypsy Jewels nursing clips. They're a simple solution to the sudden need for a cover.
The idea is pretty straightforward. A pretty and sturdy string of beads with a clip at both ends. Attach to a recieving blanket, or any other piece of material for that matter, and instant nursing cover. I've used it with my pouch sling folded just to see if it made sense to use it that way. It's one of those too simple ideas that I was surprised never occurred to me.
Simple and brilliant.
You can clip it to the inside of your diaperbag and never have to worry that you'll end up walking through the mall nursing out the top of your sundress with the whole world staring at you just because your nursing cover got locked in the car before your party split up. (No, I'm not joking, this happened to me this summer.)
It's surprisingly strong. Neither Mongoosine, Snapdragon, nor I have been able to break it. Though we did not go to extremes, we did some over-the-top yanking. Is it possible to break? Probably, but I suspect it'd require intention to do so.
They are really quite lovely.

Unlike a shaped cover with a rigid boning in the top to make it stand out away from your body and facilitate eye contact, you are likely to have trouble seeing your nursling. That's the nature of a cover. That said, Gypsy Jewels makes a special carseat and stroller friendly blanket that is designed to have the proper contour to facilitate bonding while nursing.

These would make a great gift for a new mom, especially if she's a shy mom who would be nervous nursing in public without a cover.

They're hand made by Juliea, whose etsy shop, Gypsy Jewels, features not just nursing clips but also gorgeous jewelery, whimsical decoupage jewelry boxes, and even buddy blankets.

Gypsy Jewels Nursing Clips sell for $13, and that's a really reasonable price for something that can be so versatile and help encourage a mom who otherwise might not feel comfortable nursing in public, or even with the in-laws visiting.
Disclosure: I received a free clip set to review.

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