Sunday, November 01, 2009

EEK! It's Nano Time!

November has rolled around and here I am trying, to decide just which of my plot ideas I want to see turned into a full 50k word amateurpiece.
That's write, it's time for National Novel Writing Month.
You can learn more about it at
I am going to set up another blog for the writing of my NaNoNovel, since I'll be writing it mostly from my phone and I need a decent way to save my content.
So, stop on by and sign on up. I've done it in two weeks, so missing the first day won't kill you.
50k words in 30 days. You can do it.
Of this I am certain. This will be my third foray into NaNoWriMo, and I hope to be able to keep my word count up, even with the tiny tiny crackberry keyboard. So come on and join in. All the {insert group you are easily swayed by here} kids are doing it.
Besides, being able to say "I've written a novel" just feels good. You just might surprise yourself.

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Calley said...

Good luck mama! Can't wait to see your journey in writing a Novel!