Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Midweek Meditation: Compliments

I'm starting something new and wordy for Wednesdays. I want to make a small suggestion on meaningful things which we can aspire to do. This weeks I am thinking of compliments and thanks.

I want you to make a point of trying to give FIVE genuine compliments, or to genuinely thank them, every day this week.

You're laughing, I know. But think about it. I'm not saying to tell a stranger "nice shoes," or "thanks for passing the ketchup," but genuine heartfelt compliments and expressions of gratitude."

Wrong; "Thanks for watching the kids."
Right "Thank you for spending your time playing with Mongoosine this evening. The time you spend together means a great deal to her, and the way you realligned your schedule to help me out means a great deal to me. It is.a essing to have you in our lives. Thank you."

See the difference?

Wrong: "You rock."
Right: "Your generousity of spirit and patience with advising me when I was struggling with breastfeeding questions and issues has been a tremendous boon to me, and I am grateful for the time you've taken to help me."

I think you get it.
Go forth. Spread the heartfelt goodness we never take the time to put into words, but that will mean so much to the people we want to let know we admire, rely upon, and for whom we are grateful.

Love & Light

5 reflections:

MommyGeek said...

This is a wonderful idea. I'll try to put this to use.

Calley said...

I like seeing you crazy tweets show up when I log in to Twitter and your funny posts on your blog brighten my day! Thanks!

*How was that?

Danielle said...

:) I think you make an excellent point!

Attila & Tamara said...

This is a wonderful idea. I think so many times we are so consumed with all the small "duties" of being a mom that we don't take the time to graciously and reflectively express our gratitude to people. Thanks for the reminder.

Mama Campbell said...

this is such a great reminder to really put meaning into our words. I will try this week (since i'm a bit late).