Friday, October 02, 2009

Aloha Friday: Pets?

Sayin' Aloha tot he Aloha Friday phenomenon. On the islands, or so they say, people like to take it easy on Friday, so here goes.

When Snapdragon was born, I got all paranoid about the cats who like to sleep on my face and the fact that they were going to be both bigger and sharper than the baby. Since then they've been living mostly in the garage. Don't worry, Spouse sleeps out there too *, and yes, it's insulated, heated, cooled, and no longer used as a garage. Should I call it the family room? It's supposed to be being turned into one... just that transformation is really, really, r-e-a-l-l-y s--l--o--w.
So here's my question. Do you have pets, and if you do, did you make any changes regarding them when you had kids?

*he can't fall back asleep without the TV on, whereas it wakes me up.

3 reflections:

Drahdrah said...

I don't have any pets.

taylorUSMCwife said...

We have two dogs! One stays with my mom since we were stationed in CA and it worked out for the better! Elly didn't dislike Squirt, but she didn't like him either. She would just ignore him! Elly associated him with me not taking her for our long walks everyday! (she did not understand C-SECTION!!!) She would also try to climb up on my lap when I was holding Squirt...she is a black lab/great dane mix! Holy Moly!

Zoe, our golden retriever/yellow lab/collie mix, is living with us and she is great with Squirt! He can crawl all over her and pull on her ears and she just snuggles him! It is so precious!

Katie said...

We have 3 cats and in all honesty, we didn't make any changes. They all love her (more or less) and she is being taught to be gentle with them.