Thursday, August 06, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week: Even Though it Makes You Squick

My mother gets all squicked out about breastfeeding.
As I've pointed out in the past, she is not exactly a fount of moral support.
She's the type who will be holding a baby and get spit up on, sit there happily, and then be in a mad search for a clean shirt, not because its puke, but because she realized that it started out as breastmilk.
She's a firm believer in the bottle, and I suspect these views are mostly a product of her generation.
So if I run into any tata trouble, I'm much more likely to call my aunt, who is my age and nursed all of her children, and therefore is more knowledgeable and more supportive. She isn't going to say with strained voice and only loosely hidden disdain, "oh my gawd, does he ever stop that, that suckling?"
My mom? Well, yeah, there's a reason for the quotes.
But that said, I really have to give her credit.
Yes, the whole breastfeeding thing goes against her every fiber and squicks her out to no end, but she is trying so hard to be supportive.
She's done some research on it. She even supplied me with nursing pads when I was still pregnant. She's learned all about nursing bras, more when I was pregnant with Mongoosine than Snapdragon, but nonetheless, she has.
She will even quote the "lactivist propaganda," even if it is with a sigh and prefaced with the phrase, "well, now they're saying."
It makes me a little proud though, that she is trying so hard to be supportive, to be informed, to be openminded.
My mom does kinda rock, even if she fed me formula.

2 reflections:

Upstatemomof3 said...

Hey that is WAY better than my mom or MIL who are constantly trying to convince me to not breastfeed. It has been a fight since day one and I just know they are both secretly hoping Little Sister will not latch (oh and for a black out so my freezer supply is ruined - see they believe formula is BETTER). :)

Slee said...

see, my mom had a similar opinion, but she's the most open minded woman in the world sometimes, so she's TRYING, even if, as Yoda pointed out, there is only try. there is do, or do not.