Saturday, July 11, 2009

Snapdragon: Undercover Baby

"Hello, my name is Slee, and I'm addicted to twivaways."

Just thought I'd get that out of the way, because I wouldn't have ever figured out that I <&hearts> fluffy covers.

With Mongoosine it was strictly flats and prefolds, pinned with either her pink or blue Winnie the Pooh diaper pins (yes, we had precisely four diaper pins, and never lost track of them) all stuffed into a big white balloon known as Gerber plastic pants.
So, when I found out I was pregnant with Snapdragon some ten years after the same incident with Mongoosine, I have to say, that's where my mind immediately went. When I found out that there were more modern options, I was thrilled beyond all logic. I was extatic! I was over the moon in love with the concept of this wild and crazy thing called a One Size diaper. I was tickled pink while learning this military like and seemingly unending string of alphabet soup. AIO OS, QDAI2, it goes on and on. Did you ever stop to think about the sheer volume of nomenclature involved in cloth diapering? Seriously.
I knew a lot about what I thought I wanted, and diaper covers weren't going to cut it for me. I was going to embrace all the advances and never look back. Those prefolds in the bottom drawer were going to be strictly for emergencies and overdue laundry day.
But then, like I mentioned, Twitter giveaways... well, I can't turn them down. So one late night sitting up for #clothdiapers chat, @TOTwearhouse was giving away a Berry Plush diaper, and the giveaway gods were smiling on Snapdragon, and we won. Well, it works like an AIO, only the hemp soaker in the middle snaps in and out, and when you're through using it, you can use the outer as a cover over a prefold.
Turns out, covers are WIN! I have been able to use the same ultra-cute cover through 4 changes today, two of which were pooptastic, without any leaks! Sure it makes for a fluffy butt, but I am loving this newfangled take on the way things used to be.
Snapdragon likes him some covers.

3 reflections:

srr said...

we are definitely fans of prefolds and wrap style covers. its the cheapest way to diaper baby (you could technically diaper for free if you buy used and resell) and there are some really cute covers out there. check out gen-y covers! i love em!

Slee said...

@ssr i so need the mocha cover since snapdragon won a kissaluvs and that's my favorite. (i don't care if it's floral, i love it anyway!) now i must come up with a way to get one! i wonder if they want me to review their product and host a giveaway, lol.

Molly said...

That is definitely a FLUFFY bun! So cute!