Saturday, July 11, 2009

To sleep

You all know I'm a huge fan of the co-sleeping.
It's my absolute favorite to cuddle up with my little Snapdragon and slowly fall asleep, the two of us, together, where I can hear and feel his breathing.
I love the reassurance of feeling the rise and fall of his chest, the quiet little whimper when he's having what my spouse calls "kitty dreams" and knowing he's dreaming.
I love to fall asleep with my nursing nursling.

That said, sometimes, I heart his crib. Sure, it's snugly beside my bed where I can still hear his eyelilds flutter, but once in a while, when I'm that dangerously exhausted kind of tired, you know, the tired that threatens to pour out of your eyes in liquid form and has you unsure if you're going to make it all the way to any softish surface before passing out and hitting your head, the kind of tired where you nod off midsentance and can't remember who you are or why our mouth had been moving, yeah, that kind of dangerously tired, well, sometimes I'm glad that he has a completely seperate sleep surface of his own to sleep in. I'm even thankful for it. And thankful too that for a few hours a night, it doesn't even bother him.

Last night he gave me the gift of five hours of uninterrupted sleep. Five hours of uncomfortably overful, wake up in a puddle of milk, leaking like a cheap garden hose, uninterupted and blessed sleep.

1 reflections:

srr said...

i love when that happens... of course it leads to me waking and feeling baby's tummy to make sure its still moving (that sids fear i was talking about before) but once i see that it is, i doze back off. well, so long as im not engorged and in pain!