Saturday, June 06, 2009

Snapdragon Sez: Showered With Love

So today my mom got one of those crazy ideas again, and if you thought the fauxhawk was the height of her crazihood, I sadly must inform you that you are wrong.Today she decided that I needed a shower. Not a sponge bath. Not a little babytub splish. No. A shower in the full flown big boy white cubicle of watery doom. I don't plan on growing up Shinto, so I really don't know where she gets these ideas.
Do you even know what a shower is? There's this silver thing in the wall, and it squirts hot water on you. Well, not hot, but its kinda like when you're not wearing your fluffy and you pee. The wall pees on you. And she thinks this is a good thing!
The crazy idea doesn't stop there. Next thing I know, she was rubbing this slippery sudsy stuff on me, then holding me in the direct line of the wall pee! I voiced my objections the only way I knew how: unrepentent and unreserved wailing, but then something miraculous happened. I found out I could eat while in this shower. That was kinda nice. She also started singing this little song, "Rinsey, rinsey little princey, mama's got you in her arms/ Rinsey, rincey little princey, mama's got you, nothing harms/ Shower, shower, quarter hour, makes the baby smell so good/shower, shower, quarter hour, smell so nice just like you should..." I kinda liked that too. I'm a real sucker for music. Tatas and music. Turns out that after I calmed down a bit, the warm water kinda tickles. I sorta liked it, actually. So here's my official view. Showers are okay, so long as there's a crazy mama to hold you. Then its all kinda wonderful.

Mama adds- Yes, I know fifteen minutes is a long shower, but there were two of us, I used barely there amounts of water to keep tye pressure low, and a rushed shower is a bad way to introduce a bab boy to the joys of cleanliness.

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Krista said...

Very cute song! Keep up with the showers and he'll eventually like them. I did it with my little E and now some days that's the only way I would be able to get a shower. :)