Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So after fighting with my phone for a while in the hopes of getting twitter to function properly (read: mobile format as opposed to standard) I checked my email only to find out that I've been flagged as spam.
Now, I don't eat Spam or any other pig product,nor do I eat shellfish or bottom feeders, so I'm going to suppose that my blog is actually kosher after all, but that said, let's ponder how spamtastic this all is.
I hear spam is often served with pineapple and tastes a little sweet. Well, if you ask my husband, I think you'll find I'm far from that. Salty? Maybe.
I try to avoid unnecessary packaging and prefer to buy local foods (when I can afford to) so ixnay on the spam there. Butcher-paper for the win. Are spam tins even recyclable? I also try to avoid unnecessary preservatives, most of which are really kinda toxic, and since spam is the twinkie of meats, I'll have to give that a great big inapplicabnle too.
So someone hlp me out here. How spammy am I?
While you consider that, I think I'll go pig out while the baby sleeps. Although, he is kinda spam pink... Yet another reason to pass on it.

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