Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gro Baby Gro

So I have made no secret about the fact that I really want to try Gro Baby on my lil E. First off, they're cuter than babasheep and everything I've read about them has been simply fantastic. So when I read about the blogger giveaway, I was like, um, yes please?
We've been working really hard to make E a sustainable baby, and Gro Baby diapers are one way to get a little closer to sustainability. Right this second he's rockin' a pocket dipe by sunbaby, but the leg holes are too big, which means getting peed on some nights. Ew. I want to get to know the sizing on Gro Baby before extending my stash. A good fit is so important, but more important is keeping sposies out of landfills.
That, and I love that Gro Baby has combined all the goodies of a shell dipe with the awesomeness of one-size in a convenient system that makes a lot of sense. Let's be honest, when handling your pockets, don't you sometimes hate that its just a little wet and has to go in the wash pile/bucket, and that you can't reshellify the outer? I know I do. So here's to hopin I get to try one.
Now go to
And see why I'm so ridiculously excited about them.

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