Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breastfeeding and the technological era

E was milkdrunk and half dozing when it occurred to me that I still needed to hop on the birth announcements bandwagon and get them done. So, being the resourceful mom I am, I gently plopped him in his swing, turned it on, and headed to my husband's computer to fill in the vital details that I didn't know when I designed them. You know, details like name.
I knew I was on a limited schedule, because he likes to doze after a good long drink, only to wake 15 min later and demand the "good stuff."
So I rush to fill in names and dates, weight (8lbs) and length (21", and why isn't it height?). Then comes the hard part, choosing which picture to include as part of the announcement. And I'd thought font selection was tough. Since DH and I both are carbon-bonded to our cellphones, and he's a huge fan of his digital camera, there were a lot to choose from. That said, none of them were quite right. Most of them had a boob somewhere in them, and Aunt Opal doesn't want to see the tatas. The task has suddenly become more daunting than milk-drunk dozing will allow for, I just know it.
So of course, while I'm perusing hundreds of virtual-Es, cooing over their virtual cuteness, real-E wakes up.
Well, if you have a newborn, you know darn well that before you go pick fussybum up, you'd better have your potty break out of the way. So I rush off to the restroom. While I'm in there, my spouse, bless his heart, decides to try to calm my little snapdragon down. I hear, "Honey, hurry up, he's lookin' for my USB port!"
Only one thing to say, "Busy uploading to the pottyserver, and don't worry, he'll figure out soon enough that you've just got serial ports." :-)

2 reflections:

Emma said...

Had to laugh out loud at this one - USB ports vs serial ports!

Krista said...

Very funny! lol