Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So any day now I'm going to be double dutying the whole mom thing, and here's one of my pet peeves.
Everytime someone asks me questions about the upcoming baby, when I tell them we're going to be using cloth diapers, they're nearly all inclined to say to me "it won't last," or "you don't want to do that."
Granted, most of these women diapered their kids a loooong time ago, but why the negativity ladies?
First of all, its not just flatfolds and prefolds, its contours, fitteds, AIOs and one size pockets. Yes, right now my stash is 99% the good old fashioned Gerber flatfolds and plastic pants , with one spectacular One Size pocket, but that's not necessarily the way its going to stay.
More importantly, where exactly do these women think sposies end up? And how many resources go into making them?
I know that I'm still fairly young. The way I look at it, I have a lot of time left on this planet, and little boy who's a comin' has a lot longer.
So, when a mom 2 be says she wants to use cloth, really ladies, don't discourage her.

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