Monday, June 30, 2014

Pinterest is a fickle friend.

Pinterest, ah, pinterest. It keeps me up at night, makes me run out the door five minutes later than I'd like, and convinces me that I should be trying crafts that aren't at all within my skill set all the time. So here I am with my latest skill acquisition campaign- chalkboard art.

DIY chalkboard word art is harder than you'd think. I did this with chalkboard marker. Because it goes on smooth and dries *slightly less smudgeable than your standard chalkstick. Of course, halfway through, the friend to whom I was sending progress shots pointed out that I had misspelled a rather prominent word- yay distractions- and I got to test my damp cloth "spot removal" technique, then try to rewrite and resize the word, without smudging the word beneath it. I highly recommend triple checking everything before committing it to the board, and then before moving on.
The inspiration piece is, of course, more polished, but this will do. And now there are another four chalkboard boards calling my name in the basement. Next, I think I'll try to conquer painted word art, you know, for masochism's sake.

Any other suggestions on deceptively complicated Pinterest inspired projects to attempt?

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