Friday, October 18, 2013

Steampunk Costuming

The first rule of Steampunk is we don't make rules about Steampunk.

So, while I'm working on my pieced jacket for Teslacon, I have the distinct benefit of being able to do some serious stash busting while I'm at it. Fabulous paris street map print coupled with gray and taupe spiral upholstery? Awesome. Belt straps salvaged from boots that died far too soon? Perfect. Pocket from a dress recently modified? Of course. It's all welcome. Pattern? What "pattern?"
Need some stays? Sounds like a good opportunity to bust out the heavy duty zip ties.
For me, this is what makes Steampunk the best. I get to flaunt my love of the victorian aesthetic, do my own thing, and relish in the fact that if someone looks at it and thinks, "you made that out of stuff you just had laying around," that they're really thinking "omg, you made THAT out of stuff you had laying around! Capital," as opposed to "meh, you didn't spend a lot of money on that, oh lesser fangirl."
Want to buy your gear? Awesome, the artisans out there appreciate your business and make some hella great things. (Have you seen the teacup holsters Artificer makes, or the breathtaking pieces by Bionic Unicorn? And hold the telegraph, KMK Designs. Swoon.) But if you are into making your own, it's like "woah, you rocked your own concept in your own way- and it's fabulous."
Did I mention I love getting together with the emphatically positive enthusiasts I'll be seeing at the upcoming convention?

It makes my heart happy. What are you working on that makes your heart happy?

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