Monday, March 04, 2013

But Not a Real Green Dress, That's Cruel, an eShakti Review

The winter blues had been wearing pretty hard on me this year. The endless gloomy skies and my roses trying to grow against the snow, to their own detriment in January did little to lighten my mood. I've been craving spring like fountain Pepsi over crushed ice. I need the sunlight. I need the green. I need to see things vital and growing again. I need to see rampant healthy life.
I'm a big girl now. I know that the winter only occupies a finite period and that spring will be along before I've even managed to get all of my seedlings pre-sprouted, but I was feeling a little bleak. So, when I was contacted by eShakti about reviewing their new fun Spring fashion line, the clouds broke a little. I got to spend a little while (okay, I admit it, many hours) pouring over the site. I liked the  colors and the wide range of designs, particularly the retro fashions.  I mean, seriously... HELLO, I might need this.

But I told you, I was craving GREEN, right?   Their green, this year, is just too perfect from me. So my criteria was pretty simple, something fabulous and kicky, preferably in green, and that is going to lift my spirits a little bit. I'm not nursing any more, but since I tend to hold on to clothes which I love, I also wanted something that I could nurse in, if I ever have more kids. That's probably not everyone's biggest concern, but I know a lot of you out there are constantly looking for something that makes you feel good to wear in which you can still nurse your youngling. Let's face it, breastfeeding friendly fashion is pretty hard to come by, especially in plus sizes.

So, to review, they sent me this awesome Shawl Collar Poplin Shirt Dress, in GREEN!!!!!!
I had them make the sleeves a touch longer and the skirt lengthened to mid-calf, because I'm tall. Mid-calf length for me ends up being about 3" below the knee, so I can just get by with wearing knee socks with this dress during the colder months.

I enjoy it greatly. The cotton is comfortable, but in the dryness of winter can be a little clingy to icky nylony nastyness. So this isn't a "hose" dress for me. (Clingy cotton? Who knew! But I guess I did know, I just forget and I have a bigger problem with cling because I never use any fabric softeners.) I probably need to just invest in a slip. Right?

I tried it on and my husband was quite impressed. Then I washed it to wear to rehearsal that evening. In terms of fit, I feel like it could have been cut a touch more generously through the chest, but it's comfortable and makes me feel like dancing. At rehearsal I received multiple compliments on the dress, it's color, and how I looked in general, and that made me even happier.

I don't believe in retail therapy as a general rule, but this dress reminded me of how a nice new dress can make one feel better about the whole world, even when Spring hasn't set in again.

So, you want pictures of me in my pretty green dress. I want to comply, alas, my camera and I were having a disagreement recently, so pictures to follow soon, and hopefully pictures on a slightly less snowed in day than today. 

Here's what you really need to know: 
Between now and March 20th, 2013 use code FENTONSLEE for 20% off your order at eShakti.
There was a technical glitch causing a problem with this code at checkout prior to 3-4-2013, but the code monkeys seem to have it sorted out. Go forth and treat yourself to something to put the spring back in your step.

The legal disclaimer: I got to sample a dress from the new Spring line in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive any other payment for this review.

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PS- if the Virginia dress ( ) was ankle length, I'd own it.