Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Potting up the Pups

This winter has been a dark one. I suppose they're all a little dark, but I've been feeling this one a little more than usually. I've been battling the darkness with as many picture-heavy gardening books as I could find. They've helped. My mother and I have discussed indoor plants, like growing lettuce in her sunny dining room, and I've got an army of Aloe Vera growing on my bedroom dresser. Still, it hasn't been enough.
Don't get me wrong, the Aloe Vera is lovely and welcoming. I liberated my six plants from my mother's mature plant last summer. It was a miracle, in my opinion. My mother had set her Aloe Vera in the garage, completely neglected for months. No light, no water, no temperature stabilization: nothing. Then she set it ou with a little water in the oppressive heat and drought. For the first time, it bloomed and put off a slew of pups. I transplanted them and we thought that'd be the end of it for a while.
A few weeks ago we noticed that ever since, Mama Aloe had been putting off pups like mad. Today my mother decided to cut them out with as much root as she could, and repot them. There were over twenty pups.
I have to say, walking in to a table full of growing green today made the winter seem a little brighter. I feel like spring really will come, and things will grow again.
Now, to find homes for all these pups!

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