Monday, November 28, 2011

Stalking his Stocking: 42 Ideas for Him

1. Socks.  Come on, stockings in the stocking, it's a pun that makes itself. I hear Gold Toe are still made in the USA, as are those from the Fox River Mills, which makes the iconic Red Heel socks. As a Sock Monkey maker, I'm partial to those.
2. Chocolate. Men love it too.  He probably has a favorite, you probably know what it is.
3. Batteries. Not just any batteries, but the ones he's always looking for, like AAA for the remote.
4. Solar Powered cell phone charger. Not even joking. They're small and useful.
5. Memory card/ flash drive. Bonus points if it's a rad modified one like you find on Etsy or Artfire.
6. A pocket monkey or other ridiculous tiny toy he can squeeze or toss at will.
7. Paperback book of his favorite genre. Mystery? Adventure? Suspense? Science Fiction? Go for it.
8. A new belt.
9. A tie like no one else at his work has. I love this one.
10. Rad, yet masculine soap.  My spouse rocks the Stonehenge from Burnt Mill.
11. One of the t-shirts dejour from a site like TeeFury, RiptApparel, Shirt.Woot, ShirtPunch, or the Yetee.  Just you know, don't opt for the slow boat shipping. Watching them all for about a week tends to lead to finding something that will scream his name.
12. Sunglasses
13. Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight (or boring pocket flashlight if he's not that cool)
14. Gloves
15. Wallet preloaded with gift cards to his favorite coffee and or breakfast joint.
16.  Those gift cards to his favorite coffee and or breakfast joint.
17. A new scarf. Bonus points if you knit it yourself. Double bonus if it's a Doctor Who scarf and you fit the whole thing in his stocking, you know, if he likes that sort of thing.
18. Gift cards to your local theater wrapped in that day's movie times. Just add a babysitter (if necessary) and you've got something fun to do this afternoon together.
19. Cufflinks
20. A rad new ear ring, if he rolls that way.
21.  GC to his favorite ink shop to make it a holiday to remember til both of your eyesight is shot.  Just remember, a great tattoo is priceless, and a bad one is hard to cover, so be sure it's really his favorite place.
22. A new watch. Preferably an unusual one.
23. Measuring Tape.
24. Universal Network Cable. Seriously, how cool is this?
25. Small notebooks to jot things down in, you know, with penmanship.
26. Pens, nice ones. or Pencils even.
27. Dare I say duct tape?
28. Two words: Titanium Spork
29. Caffeinated breath mints. I'm not even joking. They exist.
30. They also make bacon mints, but I don't think I'd personally go this direction.
31. Freeze dried "astronaut" ice cream.
32. Membership to nearby museum he actually digs. For spouse, that's the Sciencey one.  For my dad it'd be the Natural History one.
33. One of those remote controls that do ALL. I personally like the wand one, but it just does SOME.
34. A nice well balanced pizza cutter, you know, for when he cooks dinner.
35. Dare I say a new game controller?
36.  iTunes gift card
37. Electronics cleaning putty.
38. Cable organizers for all his new electronics, maybe like the cable monkey, because they're cute.
39. A small book on surviving the zombie apocalypse.
40. Ammunition, for the zombie apocalypse.
41. Polyhedrals.  (If you don't know what this is, it's probably not for your guy)
42. Giant Plush Microbes. Come on, what says love like Malaria?

Okay, I guess I went off on a geeky tangent on some of these, but I hope you forgive me.  A few of these might need to be compressed to fit, especially if he has a tiny stocking, but why have a tiny stocking? If he does, then I highly recommend a new one. ;-)

When in doubt, buy handmade, and have the happiest of holidays.

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