Thursday, October 27, 2011

Handmade With Love by Rainbow Souffle

If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed that lately I've been suggesting that one of the ways to help the 99% get ahead is to put your money where your mouth is and buy American, Local, and Handmade.
Emphasis on Handmade.
Between now and December I plan to highlight some of the rad handmade shops out there that I love.

Rainbow Souffle is one of these. You may have known Rainbow Souffle from the Beaufulah, but Rainbow Souffle is a lot easier to remember. ;-)

Reasons I love Rainbow Souffle-
Well made children's clothes.  Our Robot/Stripes reversible pants got worn all the time by the toddler, and washed frequently, and alas, they still look delightful, even though my little bean sprout has long since outgrown them in length.

Whimsical. Toddler's been sporting stripey pirate pants from Rainbow Souffle lately with a delightfully playful mustache shirt designed and acrylic printed, by hand, from the same shop.

Open Minded- You can find LGBT friendly designs like "My Moms Rock," or "My Dads Rock," because Rainbow Souffle is inclusive and wants to make sure that everyone's kids can feel good about being able to wear cute shirts appropriate for their families.

Human. Rainbow Souffle rocks, on a personal level. Follow @Rainbowsouffle Twitter for the occasional glimpse into the creative and big hearted woman behind it all.

Rainbow Souffle also carries delightful felt hair clips, one of which I own, and love. It's a TARDIS.  Yep, Rainbow Souffle is that cool.

So check her out!  Handmade in the USA and wonderful.

Disclaimer- She's my friend, I've bought from her and she's gifted us stuff. I've gifted her stuff. Life works that way. She's awesome, and I'm not getting money for this.  Have a nice day.

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