Friday, October 21, 2011

DIY Holiday Cards

Somewhere in my basket of holiday cards that I can't bear to throw away (what if it's the last thing Aunt Tilda ever sends me?) I have so many duplicates that sometimes it makes me snort giggle.  Further, I used to buy holiday cards in bulk, so I'd have to remember which box I used for which part of the family, and be sure not to repeat next year for the same people. If I sent inappropriate reindeer cards to my mom's side last year, better not send anyone the leftovers, or they'll think I'm off my rocker, twice.
Of course, the boring "Happy Holidays" message doesn't do a good job of reconnecting with the people who are important enough to me to send a card in the first place, so then I end up thinking, I might as well write the dreaded "Christmas Letter."  Now, if you're like me, you're shuddering for two different reasons right now. The idea of writing a Christmas Letter is in and of itself daunting. It's time consuming. You have to include enough information about the last year to bring people up to date, but you have to gauge your language, not come off whiny or boastful. That's harder than it seems, hence the shuddering. The other reason you might be  shuddering?  If everyone sends you a letter, then you have to *read* and *retain* the information, rather than run away in horror.
Best solution? Make your own holiday cards. Cards with personality, cards that say what you want to say, without having to hand write it or fill a whole page.  Cards with your own artwork of family photos. They're personal, they're fabulous.
Last year I told you how I had begun making my own simple cards, and the nightmare that was trying to print them myself. Well, it turned out that having Shutterfly print them for me was a great idea. I also had them print up some notecards  and greeting cards for other occasions too, all of which have come in handy over the last twelve months.  (Seriously start thinking ahead now for birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and even graduations, you won't be sorry that you did.)

Last year, this is the card I went with.
I *still* love the bright colors, and I got a lot of compliments on it. It stood out and let's face it, kids are cute.

I also did a few with this fun Ho Ho Ho design-
It's entirely possible I was just looking for an excuse to include their Halloween pictures from last year. By entirely possible, I mean that was my entire point.

For this year, I'm leaning toward the Happy Everything card, though they have a fabulous Snowflake Star one. I love the Happy Everything one because it doesn't have to be any holiday specific, really, and since so many of my friends and family don't really do Christmas, I won't get any "uh, you do remember I'm an atheist" emails in late December.  It's also a bright-colors winner as well, and I'm so easily seduced by color.

Of course, I never got around to making that calendar for my grandparents last year, but I'm nearly done with that cookbook I'm working on. I really love the photo books, and I'm excited to finish compiling all the family recipes and pictures of the family member most responsible for them, and by finish, I mean, finally get my aunt to part with a certain frosting recipe.  Want a sneak peak of just one recipe?

So, while I'm busily telling you why I like to make things myself, I'd like to extend the opportunity for THREE of you to try out their services too.

What's that? A giveaway? Sweet.

I have three promotion codes for 25 cards each!  If you'd like to win one, comment below with:

Which Shutterfly card you like the best. Be sure to leave your email address in a non-spam-bot-friendly form with your comment if your email address isn't readily viewable in your blogger profile.

Where you spread news of this giveaway. (twitter, facebook, G+, pinterest, your blog/lj/myspace/public billboard wherever. Just leave a link so I can check on it if you win.) You can do any of these once a day, just don't irritate your followers. It's not fun if you're irritating your followers.

Winners will be chosen Tuesday November 1st by number randomizer and notified by email. After winner responds, I'll email them their code. If you don't respond, I straight up have to find someone else who is going to respond, since codes languishing in in-boxes is just s.a.d. Alternate winners will be picked based on my mood and how much whimsy is in the air. Yes, it's a weird giveaway timeframe, but I'll be taking pictures all next weekend looking for something slightly cooler to put on my Happy Everything card.  I'm thinking Zombies, since I think Halloween pictures look great on a Christmas Card.

Disclaimer: Yep, I'm getting a promo code for offering this giveaway too.  No, I'm not getting paid, and frankly, I wouldn't be writing this at all if I didn't like the product I've gotten from Shutterfly in the past.  I started out as a happy customer, not a grabby blogger. Have a nice day.

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thight said...

i love their peppermint palms card (super cute w/ a beach picture!)
telithahight at yahoo

Tourmaline said...

The Merry and Bright Zigzag would be PERFECT for my family.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the Green Monster halloween card, but for Christmas I like the What Fun card.
esmith5957 (at) ^gmail^ %dot% com!

Mama Campbell said...

I like this one:

andrea.dippner at

Mama Campbell said...

shared on fb:

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Slee said...

comment for violetsouffle, whose comments are invariably eaten by blogger lately. she liked a card, she showed me. (truly, she likes too many things, she's just too nice)

Slee said...

violet souffle also tweeted. i saw it. it was nice.