Friday, August 19, 2011

A Cozy Reading Nook

Curling up with a good book is by far one of my favorite activities.  I prefer it to baking, sleeping, sewing, swimming, and snarking back at the television.
Reading is one of the most enjoyable things I can think of.
So would it surprise you to learn that I don't have anywhere particularly comfortable to read in my house? No cozy reading nook, no quiet and comfortable chair with soft lighting and a place to put my feet without the interruptions associated with parenting?
I know, a travesty. Well, a travesty in as much as any first world problems are.
My favorite place to read for many years was actually the bathtub. Yes, it requires a bit of skill to know without a shadow of a doubt that you won't be dropping that expensive treasure into the water, and its something I was loathe to do with a book that didn't come off my personal book shelves, and no, I wouldn't do it with an irreplaceable tome, but give me a paperback worth getting to know, a hot bubble bath, a locked door, and an open window with a nice breeze, and I'm in literary heaven.
For now, an antique chair or the porch swing will have to do, or most uncomfortably of all, my bed. But eventually there will be a couch or a comfy chair with a footstool, or even, dare I dream it, a bathtub and I'll read even the more blissfully.

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