Thursday, March 03, 2011

Things and lost stuff.

In middle and high school there was a necklace I wore every single day.
It was a light amethyst colored faceted glass oval in a tear shaped marcasite/silvery pendant. The whole thing was probably one and a half inches by two and a half inches.  It was a bit large, and I loved everything about it.
Just found this picture online. Someone sold it on ebay. 
Is my precious.

There were times when my mother would beg me to wear something else, just for the sake of not having that "clunky thing" in homecoming pictures. I realize now that she thought I was overly attached. She was probably right.
I wore it off to college with pride, despite he fact that the faceted glass "gemstone" was a little chipped and not nearly so shiny.
But on August 31st, 1997, I lost it forever. Ironically, I know where I lost it. I lost it in the pool at the hotel my parents took me to. Not taking it off meant I was wearing it swimming, as I had hundreds of times before (what if I took it off and LOST it?).  Well, sometimes you lose things when you are wearing it.
Because I never took it off, not even to shower, I didn't notice that it was gone until the next day, far far away without any chance of going back to dive the pools not-so-intimidating depths and search the filters for it.
I grieved that necklace like my pet had died.
I know that the very emotional response was a bit over the top.
The strange thing is, there have been other things to which I've become inordinately attached over the years, but the ones I don't miss are the ones I gave to someone who loved it.
I always find myself doubting whether I'm making the right decision when giving something I have cherished to someone else whom I know will cherish it, but every single time I've been rewarded with comfort when I reflect on the item, rather than sadness that it's now gone.
I'm not saying I wish I'd given the necklace away, but I am saying I wish I had the peace of mind to know it was well loved by whomever found it. I hope someone did eventually find it.

But here's the other thing I'm saying, if you have it languishing in your jewlery box, bored and alone... I know a good home that would be perfect for it. ;-)

Seriously though, parting with things we love of our own free will is so much more satisfying than hoarding them til they're gone.  Sharing is always the better.

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