Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sippy Sip

If you are a parent, you know how hard it can be to placate a toddler. If you're a nursing mom, you may have experienced how hard it is to convince a toddler that sometimes, when he thinks he wants nursing, what he really wants is a cup of something else.  Something that doesn't involve mommy's chest.
Let's face it, sometimes there is something trying in being the solitary provider for all comfort, as well as the preferred provider of warm liquid nourishment.
As the JabberWalky approaches two, more and more often I find myself asking him if he wants a Sippy when he says he wants "boo boo boo BEE."
Sadly, more often than not, unless I'm seducing him with juice, he will just crinkle his nose and demand "BOOBEE!" even more loudly.
Perhaps it is my own fault in that his cup usually only has boring water in it.
We haven't started doing milk in a cup yet, mostly because I'm paranoid that the cup will roll under the chair and be disgusting when I finally find it to wash it.  As a result, it's water or juice, and watered down juice at that.
It's not a perfect plan, but I've decided I'm going to offer him a cup with all his meals so that he gets used to drinking like a big boy at the table, instead of demanding nursing while I'm trying to eat.
I'm not sure if this is in line with baby led weaning, because I'm offering with the hopes of finishing a meal with both breasts safely in my shirt, but I am sure that it's an important step in eating in a calm manner.
That said, I'm not handing him a sippy at bed or naptime, those are still stricktly mommy cuddles times. Besides, it's way easier to appease a tired toddler with exactly what has always done the trick.

Any advice for convincing a toddler that drinking from a cup at mealtime is a great idea?

2 reflections:

Mama Campbell said...

My kids loved just playing with the sippy cup at bathtime at first & somehow drinking the gross bathwater translated to "I want to drink from this cup all of the time". Or maybe he's ready for a straw cup instead of a sippy (they do make some with silicone straws instead of hard plastic too)? My 2nd daughter only drank from straw cups and pretty much just played with a typical sippy, even if I put chocolate milk inside! Now she drinks out of a regular, small cup with no issues, so who knows! Good luck!

Slee said...

he likes straw cups, but keeps taking them apart and hiding the straw.