Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink Saturday: Handmade Masterpieces

This babydoll was made by one of my mother's aunts.  Her limbs are attached via very large buttons on sturdy cording which runs through the body. Her face is entirely embroidered, and her hair painstakingly sewn down, piece by piece.
She is the first doll that made me think that handmade dolls are better than factory made ones.
The dress is also handmade by the same great-aunt, of lovely white eyelet and light pink ribbon.  While I have learned to make dolls because I fell in love with the idea so long ago, mine aren't quite as lovey sweet.
My great aunt also inspired me to *try* to learn crochet, as she was a master with the hook.  Her mother, my great grandmother, had been quilter, another art I was inspired to learn, growing up surrounded by lovingly and carefully crafted items.  I continue to surround myself by handcrafted items, both heirloom family items, and ones carefully constructed by my contemporaries.  What can I say, they tickle me pink.

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