Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Saturday: McPlaydate

A few years ago, if you had told me I'd be blithely spending an afternoon in a McDonald's, let alone the play area, I'd have thought you were hitting the cold syrup a little too hard.  This is doubly true because the cold syrup used to have more kick than it does these days.  Nonetheless, last weekend we had the opportunity to take the kids on a 4 hour car trip to meet a relative they'd never seen before, and McDonald's seemed just the place to go. 

Side note- you generally have to order something to play, so we ordered strawberry sundaes. The strawberry sauce tasted somewhat rancid.... I don't recommend them.

JabberWalky had a lot of fun learning to climb up the various platforms.

Mongoosine even taught him how to go down the slide, somewhat safely.

 The compartment with the little steering wheel was a particular favorite.
Ultimately, the most fun was had when JabberWalky and (Cousin Who Needs a Cute Nickname) were giving  grandpa impromptu dental exams.
If you've ever been in a McDonald's playplace, you're likely looking at this picture in a certain amount of horror.... That's right, hands that have been in the play place... in his mouth. 
We're expecting he'll be sick any day now.

The kids had a lot of fun, and the toddlers were pretty pleased with the existence of one another. Or rather, they didn't say otherwise... though JabberWalky's cousin *did* teach JabberWalky to say "No," and now I'm having to try to get him to say other things again. 
Either way, I'm still proud that he learned to say affirmative words "yay," "woohoo," "yes," "yeah," and "nice," before he started saying "no."

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2 reflections:

LV said...

This a McDonald's had more pink than the ones around here. I do believe all of you had a good time. Nice post.

Slee said...

I was impressed by the pink slide, myself.