Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Sharp as Nails

Oh my goodness.
Some JabberWalky has some SHARP nails.

He's been on a napping strike. Lately he only wants to nap in his carseat or laying on the floor, with his hands tucked safely under himself.  Yes, the floor. The hardwood floor.  He's a weirdling.

I usually try to clip his fingernails when he's asleep so that he can't jerk his hands away making it take too long and risking cutting is sweet little bitty fingers.  With Mongoosine, I had to trim her nails in the car while someone else drove so that she'd be thoroughly lulled into that bizarre sleepy car trance.  With JabberWalky, calmly dozing does the trick.  That said, I realized today it had been weeks since his nails had been trimmed and he was packin' ten razor sharp little fingers, proportionately as long as what some women pay money to have glued onto their bodies.

So today I told him, "I'm sorry, but we have to clip your fingernails, or we're not going to be able to nursey anymore." (He has a habit of tweaking and pinching things, which, as physics and physiognomy would have it, hurts when the little digits involved are sporting half inch nails. You should see my chest... well, scratch that, oh wait he already did.  Let's just say that it's been thoroughly scratched.

I was surprised that after I explained that it had to be done, he just sat there and let me clip his fingernails. He didn't fuss, squirm, attempt to evade. The only issue we ran into was when he was trying to help me get his right thumbnail and was turning his hand into what would have been a better position, if the thumb had another joint.  I was very proud of my little boy, but it got me wondering- other than letting your kid's nails get so long that even they know they need trimmed, what do you do to make toddler manicure sessions tolerable for both of you?

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