Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

TARDIS blue to be precise.

It started with the Ornie Swap.  My good friend @The_BMG from twitter sent some lovely TARDISy goodness our way, see the middle of the white tree?  Very TARDISy fun.  Well, we couldn't find the box with the ornaments, tree topper, and stockings, so Mongoosine got into her head that we should make a new tree topper, and while eyeing an empty Rice Krispy Treat box, we thought, hey, you know what we need for the top of our tree, right?

So, some paint, sparkly pigment, transfer paper, photo printing, Sharpies, scissors and a XYRON sticker maker later.... we had a TARDIS tree topper of which you should be deeply jealous.  Better yet, don't be jealous, make your own.

So it turns out, that what with this Dec 25th really being Who-mas, (Sing- "Come thou long awaited Doctor") last night my parents gave her her very own....

 Sonic Screwdriver.  I don't think I've ever seen her so happy.
Turns out, it came in handy the next morning when Santa put a Weeping Angel plush in her stocking.
 Came in very handy.

It was also very popular with the under 3' tall crowd.

All in all she got 1 sonic screwdriver, 2 Who themed t-shirts This one and This one, a BAD WOLF wash cloth, and a weeping angel doll.  Sadly, she wrote a song/parody, "I want a little adipose for Christmas," but I didn't manage to make her one. Maybe for next year.

Did you have a fantastic Who-mas?

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