Tuesday, November 16, 2010


There are different sources out there who all have opinions on just how many words your 18 month old should be saying.
That's right. 18 months.
"Did you say DOCTOR'S VISIT?!"

Some say it's more important that they're seeming to understand what you're saying. Some say five to ten words is good. others say five to twenty. Some include animal sounds.
Is he supposed to be imitating animals? I'd better get on that one.

In any case, tomorrow is our well child check up, and last time the pediatrician's office wanted to make sure he had a certain number of words.  So, tomorrow I want to go in prepared with a list in case they ask.

Jabberwalky says:

1 Mama
2 Dada
3 Dee Dee (formal name for sister)
4 Sissy (for sister or any other young girl)
5 Shoe
6 Wawa (cup of water or anything else)
7 Baba (nursing- and no, he hasn't had a bottle)
8 Bye Bye
9 Hi
10 DayDew (thank you)
11 yeah
12 yay!
13 Sit
14 Ah ah (like ah ah ah, you shouldn't be doing that)
15 My/mine
16 (ba)nana
17 na-na-na (the N song with the "na-na-na-na..." refrain)
18 ceedee (please sing the alphabet song)
19 ice
20 gam gam (my mom)
21 gama (spouse's mom)
23 nie-nie (night night)
24 ball
25 blue
26 eye/s
27 gkagka (cracker)

I think he's good, but man, that's a lot of words.  I just had to learn his language to know what they were. ;-)

In other news, he has learned how to open up the CD player and switch disks, though he forgets to hit "play" sometimes, and gets very irritated, reopens, and repositions the CD, thinking he had it in wrong.
Too cute.

What do you do to prep for your kids' check ups?

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Violetsouffle said...

I always get out my flask& fill it up in preparation of those well child visits. For me, not her!! ;)
In all honesty though I make sure there are no dog hairs in
Places they ought not be, trim her nails, make sure her hair is up& pray she doesn't develop a cold the day before. And your boy is such a talker already! <3 him

Slee said...

he doesn't love the doctor's office. at all. at all at all. turns him into a screaming mess.

Blue Moon Girl said...

The BEST advice our doc gave us was to get/make Darling Girl a medical kit before her next well baby checkup. We did, showed her how to use the stuff, and took it with us to the visit. It was like having a totally different child! She did SO well! We haven't had screaming mess baby ever since. Now she walks around with her little stethoscope saying, "Yisten! Heart! Bump-bump! Bump-bump!" I think it's helped her a lot to know what to expect when we go.

Also, your boy talks a bunch! Wow! Awesome!

Slee said...

@BMG- i have tried to show him at home the different tools of the trade, we have an ear scope and a stethoscope, but he flips out when he can see them. Each appointment gets worse. :-( I'm worrying about how he'll fair if he's ever actually sick. Maybe a toy set where he's the doctor would help. Thanks for the suggestion.

Slee said...

how did i leave his first not mama/dada word off the list? Kitty cat. He says "kitty cat" and "cat." cat being a cat running away from him, kitty cat being the type he can pet, i think.

Cynthya said...

I make sure hubby has the day off and comes with.. but only if needles are involved.

Very cute blog.

Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

aww, too cute! I can't wait till Ryan starts talking because it just sounds like so much fun :) He's got mama, dada and ka (for cat)! Good luck at the doctor's!

Slee said...

@cynthia, that's a good idea. Spouse came to the first appointment he ever had, but I think that's it. It was a total failure in terms of keeping baby happy. Spouse was all freaked out at the notion of me nursing him and having the doctor walk in, and so baby just cried, I was a wreck, it was very angst filled, and he's always hated the doc's office. I wonder if the two are related.

Slee said...

@Emily -
I love it when they start talking. It's kind of spectacular, but then the next thing you know they're all "no," and "ice cream," and "you look fat," lol