Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thirty-One Things

By the time I finish writing this, I will be turning thirty-one.
It probably feels a lot like thirty, which, surprisingly, feels a lot like twenty-three.  I will wake up in a few minutes to nurse my nursling, then go back to sleep until I absolutely must be up, just like I did yesterday, just like I'll do tomorrow, just like I did a year ago today. 
But in honor of turning thirty-one, I'm going to share thirty-one spiffy things that I've seen, done, been involved with, etc, building on last years list.

1. Created Human Life. Twice.
2. Edited and published an anthology.
3. Sang in an Opera. Twice.
4. Ate dinner with Benazir Bhutto.
5. Wrote a novel in November. Twice.
6. Wrote a screenplay in June. Twice.
7. Learned to quilt.
8. Wrote a novel in a weekend.
9. Fell in love.
10. Got married.
11. Breastfed my son.
12. Learned how to play the piano.
13. Learned to ask for help when I need it.
14. Sang my way to my AA, studying music.
15. Earned my BA in history, my worst subject.
16. Joined a fraternal organization.
17. Learned to TYPE.
18. Composed music that wasn't awful.
19. Volunteered.
20. Swam in the Ocean.
21. Reclaimed my sense of self.
22. Conquered my fear of roller coasters.
23. Experienced a tornado from the inside.
24. Became a human lightning rod.
25.Learned to ride a bike at the age of:
26. Saw a water spout stop at a stop light, wait for it to turn green, and continue on it's way.
27. Learned to sew.
28. Had my artwork displayed in museums.
29. Survived a mild stroke.
30. Discovered the power of *friends*
31. Saved a life.

Thirty-one? Here's to you.

2 reflections:

Tori said...

Happy birthday Slee :)

Slee said...

Thanks! It was happy. I got monkey guts & spent the day with family.