Monday, November 29, 2010

One of these things...

One of these things is not like the other.... 

My parents have a dog. A huge dog with big paws and big teeth and big amounts of energy.  He's mostly Boxer, and giant.  I call him "Boom." That's not actually his name, but close enough.
JabberWalky both loves and fears Boom. 
There was a time when they were the same size with about the same ginger hair. Boom has grown much faster than JabberWalky.

We have cats. Two of them.  They are black. I love them. JabberWalky loves them. He loves to pet them.  Okay, he loves to poke them in the eyes and pull their ears, but he's working on "gentle."

He has clearly figured out that they're all pets.  He knows Boom is a "Dog," or more affectionately, an "ah, ah- sit." He knows the cats are "gat" or more affectionately, "kee-ee gat".  

He also knows that he can throw a ball and say "woo hoo!" and Boom will chase it like he's hopped up on pixie sticks.  

Here's the thing. One of these things is not like the other, and JabberWalky hasn't yet fully figured this out.  The other day he grabbed a ball, tossed it, yelled "woo hoo!" and waited for the cat to chase it.  Then he went and got the ball, put it in front of the cat's face, yelled "woo hoo!" and slowly threw the ball, probably thinking something along the lines of "I have to teach this pet what a ball is?"  Well, the third time he bopped the cat with the ball, said "ball," threw it, said "woo hoo!" and stared at the cat like she was defective.  Then he cried.

I'm working on explaining that cats don't fetch, but I think he thinks that if they don't fetch, they don't get pet.
Seriously, what healthy breathing creature wouldn't want to play toddler ball?

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Violetsouffle said...

Ahahahahah! I loveyour kid. That is pretty much the most awesome and cute thing I've read on the interwebs in forever. He is smart is what it is, you ether watch out for him teaching the dog to purr.