Saturday, November 13, 2010


Because today is a HUGE day around here- my tween and I are both singing in Carmina Burana with the local symphony with a snazzy international conductor, after a full day of rehearsals, plus she has a morning set of rehearsals and a mid-day performance for a local music festival (can you say someone needs ice cream before bed?) I want to quickly share with you a limerick we collaborated on.
It was for a school project she was doing, and I think by now her teacher will have finished googleing to see if the kids plagiarized their limericks off the interwebz, so it should be safe to post it.

**Background info- we're Doctor Who fans around here, big time Doctor Who fans, and I'm so proud of her wit, her singing talent, and her enthusiasm, I feel the need to share this.**
Gallifrey - "The Sound of the Drums" - Doctor Who, BBC

A long time ago, far away,
Was a planet they called Gallifrey.
Lost in the Time War,
You can go there no more,
Lousy for tourism, eh?


She's awesome, isn't she?

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