Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last Minute Dessert.

You bought the canned pumpkin, but you forgot to make the pie.  You've never made a pie before. You just killed the crust and the store is out. You know, because you texted your spouse and s/he's braving the madness only to find no pre-made pies and no pie shells left.
Calm down. Stop panicking.  This is not a catastrophe.

Take a white/yellow/vanilla or heck, even a chocolate cake mix, add your pumpkin. Mix it up really smooth.
Add some pumpkin pie spices if you want or skip them. No eggs, no oils, no milk, no water, just the mix and the pumpkin.
Now put that in your baking dish of choice. Bake it however long you'd bake the cake.
If it's still too soft in the middle, bake it a little longer, but remember, there's no egg or anything in it, so if it's mushy, who cares? It's still yummo, especially with whipped cream on top.

Crisis averted.

1 reflections:

Pamela said...

flipping brilliant.
gold star for saving the day.