Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pink Digital Photo Keychain Review

It's PINK.
Let me get that out of my system.
I like pink.
Now on to business- It's kind of cool, and don't worry, you can get your own Digital Photo Keychain in different colors if pink isn't your bag.

The basics:
It comes with a USB cable to hook it into your computer, for things like recharging the built in lithium battery or transfering pictures to it.
The screen is a 1.5" square.
It comes with a small alligator clip to hook it to your key ring.
The instruction booklet is written in a super tiny typeface so you might need to bust out your magnifying glasses, but at least it's written clearly enough to figure out how to use it.
It has a clock setting, you know, in case your phone clock, wall clock, alarm clock, computer, vehicle clock, sundial, and watch all suddenly are overwhelmed with the prospect of telling time.
It has 4.8 MB of memory, so you should be able to get about 72 pictures on it.
It supports JPEG, BMP, GIF & PNG files, so you you can probably find something compatible for your favorite pictures.
You can buy your own Digital Photo Keychain if you go here.

The Awesome:

The picture quality is good.

It's a great way to show off your kidlets, pets, prize zucchini, tennis ball collection etc without having to bust out your mini-photo album or your phone.

Weighs less than carrying physical pictures.

It's easy to change which pictures you carry from time to time, and you don't have to waste time scrolling through the bad pictures like when you're showing pictures on your phone.

Really reasonably priced at $9.99, you can get one for each of the grandmas without feeling like you can't go grocery shopping.

This would be fantastic for a parent who travels a lot and doesn't get to see his or her children as often as he or she would like, I'm thinking my Uncle in the Navy might like it, well, maybe not a pink one.

The Dorktastic:

You're going to have to suck it up and switch out the keychain attachment ring for something sturdier.  It's not a big deal, or maybe your keys don't see the wear and tear mine do, but the little ring for that attaches directly to the Digital Photo Keychain strikes me as a little wimpy.

The clarity of the pictures is nice, but this is the sort of thing that just SCREAMS gift for grandma to me, and I think grandma is going to have to have to have all her friends put their glasses on to look at it because the screen is a keychain friendly 1.5" square.

Good luck keeping it away from your kidlets.  Seriously.  If you have a toddler, you might consider getting him or her his or her own, because the likelihood of your keys disappearing with pretty changing pictures attached to them is substantially greater than back in the good old days when they were just clanky shiny bits of metal with a wonder woman toy attached. (Did I just admit to having a Wonder Woman keychain? Don't worry, she's pretty pitiful and won't last another day now that I think about it.)

All the cool of showing your pictures off on the go, none of the fuss of any other medium.  I like it.
Want a Digital Photo Keychain of your own?  Here's where they live.

Now that I've loaded mine full of pictures, I'm going to box it back up and give it to my mom.  She'll love it, if I can get it back from the JabberWalky.
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