Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pink Saturday: Independent Punks

Happy Independence Day!
This year, independence day has inspired some crafty goodness around the house, including but not limited to the crafting of some rockin' sock monkeys I like to call my "Punkle Sam" series.  Okay, as of today, there's just the two of them.  This first one with the blue yarn fuzzy mohawk went to my husband's best friend's son who just graduated from high school.  
This Sock Punky was a lot of fun. I've never done button eyes before, and I found that I really enjoyed them, and I also learned a valuable lesson about mowhawking a punk.  Yarn good. The other lesson I learned about punking a monkey?  Embroidery floss bad.  Not bad as in ugly, but bad as in TIME CONSUMING.

That said, my first Punkle Sam?  Radtastic too.

See the raditude?

Admit it, you want a Sock Punky.

And since it's Beverly's PINK SATURDAY, I think I'll leave you with a bit of my pink princess enjoying a summer party as her 4th of July week of fun gets started.

The original Punk.
Pink Lemonade Anyone?

So when you're done here you can head over to Beverly's Pink Saturday for more fun pinktastic goodness, well, and maybe some red white and blue this weekend.  

Have a great weekend and remember, only you can prevent forest fires.  So stop barbecuing in the trees, silly.

2 reflections:

Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers said...

by the by... sonny boy is LOVING his punkle Sam! :)

Slee said...

YAY! I am so glad he likes him! That is quite possibly the only punky who will ever have embroidery floss hair... ever. all yarn all the time from here on out, baby.