Sunday, June 06, 2010


Yes, I'm addicted to cloth diapers.  As such, I follow what's going on in the industry a little more than casually.  If you do too, you've already been long aware that GroBaby is now GroVia, and their cute hybrid diaper has been redesigned as well as renamed.
Don't get me wrong, what I've heard about the diaper redesign, the higher rise, the loops to doubly secure the hook tabs through laundering all sounds just peachy.  The new colors are cute, and I'm glad they've kept the old ones.
But I just can't feel excited about the name change.  I can't feel excited to see the cute little leaf go bye bye. I'm disappointed.
Maybe if I ever get one I'll fall in love and feel that maybe the name change was a good idea, but right now, I think it's just sad that quite possibly the only PUL diaper I'd consider buying just lost it's cute name.
So if you're considering rebranding, bear in mind that you might just lose some of your enthusiastic consumer base.  It's never just the product.

See the former glory...

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Denise said...

I'm not thrilled with the name change either. The new features sound nice enough, but it will take me forever to remember that new name & your right it just isn't as cute.