Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hotel Warning

Do not-
I suppose this is technically a motel, but that just doesn't roll off the fingers quite so nicely.

Why, you might wonder?
Well aside from the obvious fact that they clean the carpets with noxious smelling grossness and gods alone know what was on the shoes of the last occupant... you don't know what happened on this floor.

For instance, this morning.
Snapdragon woke up all cute and cuddly, nursed and made happy faces at spouse and I.
Spouse was checking his email and I set Snapdragon down on the floor so I could go to the bathroom and then get dressed.
So what does Snapdragon do? He pulls off his diaper in one swift movement, crawls to the middle of the room, and proceeds to pee, and then crawl on.
Normally, he wakes up in a es baby snapping fitted with a nifty nappy snapping cover, but for this trip I decided to see how 3 GroBaby Shells and a set of biosoakers would do, and I haven't converted my shells to snap YET.
On the plus side, his diaper was still dry and I could put it back on him.
On the minus side- Snapdragon is apparently auditioning for a role as an unhousebroken puppy.

Do your wee ones wee on the floor?

I considered adding a picture, but wasn't sure which to add, the naked escape artist baby bottom, the wet spot on the carpet, or the diaper from which he escaped...