Monday, March 29, 2010

Scrub a Dub

Scrub a dub, a boy in a tub sink...
Yep, that's a bottle of toxic behind his shoulder, so no wonder he doesn't look exactly thrilled. Okay, truth? He's irritated because I took his cup away from him for a second. But yes, that's what I have been, on occasion, scrubbing my boy with. I just don't know what to use that doesn't contain nasty chemicals.
I have washed him with baking soda, I have washed him with water. I have washed him with way diluted cloth wipes solution by WeeEssentials (which is to date my favorite). But we have this ridiculous J&J crap, and I am not good at wasting things, and I keep going back to it.
So I'm asking, what are you using to wash your baby that is safe and leaves them smelling like something other than... well... butt? Because I'd like to replace the yellow peril with something a little less, well, evil.