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The Great Fluffy Review: essential saltes baby Fitteds

This is Snapdragon in his my favorite fitted diaper. I have, to date, made 2 fluffy purchases. We've been very blessed with hand me downs, gifts, and giveaways, but I recently sold my bumGenius, Rocky Mountian, GoodMama, and Smartipants so I could buy these. es baby OS fitteds were my first ever clothdiapers purchase and my only regret is that I couldn't buy more and sooner.

What's to love.

First off, essential saltes baby, or es baby for the lazy typists amongst us, is owned by this awesome woman named Christine who went to a LOT of trouble to make up a chart explaining cloth diapers for those of us who find all the possible options in diapering a bit complicated. See? She rocks.

Christine makes a pretty all inclusive line of sized and OS diapers. She does fitteds, covers, OS fitteds, OS covers, special overnight covers called "lights out" covers about which I hear goodness and joy, AIOs, QD AIOs, OS AIOs, OS QD AIOs,and even a line of organic diapers.

So I'm going to tell you why I LOVE the OS fitteds.

We have been using her OS fitteds for months now, and I currently own five of them. We were lucky enough to be involved in her early testing rounds as she was developing the product, and have loved every single version she's created. We have one that's reminiscent of a lamb with fluffy and stretchy sherpa, two with boring but functional white knit bodies, and then the last two have a quilting fabric outer layer, so in order to make up for the non-stretchy nature of the fabric, Christine has slightly modified her pattern so that they have more stretch built in.

I mentioned we've been using these for months, right? Well, we have, and they've held up spectacularly, they wash up well, they don't retain the same odors that microfiber diapers do, and they absorb like nobody's business time and again.

Snapdragon tends to be a heavy wetter upon waking, and since we cosleep, I'm particularly keen on his overnight diapers working well, since I don't love waking up soaked in pee. As a result, these are my absolute go to for overnight. I have one other diaper that I regularly trust for overnight, but I know that barring a misplaced "fire hose," we'll be waking up in a dry bed, in dry pajamas on nights when he sleeps in his es baby OS fitteds.

Another thing to love- es baby diapers are so very customizable. Just check out all the options she gives you! OpTiOnS I know, deciding whether you want an extra soaker, the whole thing lined in velour and if hemp really means a lot to you, if you prefer side or front snapping, and all that can be a taxing thing, but it really gives you a chance to order what you feel will work best for you and your baby. The best part is, if you don't know, you can just go with the defaults, because they work spectacularly well for me.

But even then, the most fun part of shopping with es baby is yet to come. If you want a super spectacular fabric over the whole thing, she has some of the best fabrics EVER. Swatch-o-rama

These are the two on which I finally settled, after HOURS of decision making.

AMAZING @es_baby mix-tape #clothdiapers came in the mail today! on Twitpic

adorable-tastic star @es_baby OS fitted #clothdiapers I got t... on Twitpic

Did I mention that the OS fitteds have excellent coverage? They do. This means they're not the trimmest in the world, but they work so dang well, I don't care. Christine has developed a more trim fitting version, but I wouldn't change a thing in the world about these, so I haven't tried it.

More awesome.
It's called workmanship and artistry. Christine pays a lot of attention to detail. Remember when I went on about all the choices? Well, once I picked my fabrics for the two fitteds I recently ordered, I hadn't even put any thought to things like snaps. I mean, snaps are snaps, right? Wrong. She makes magic with the snaps. She's a snap goddess.
Look at the awesome snaps!! I  on Twitpic More mindblowing awesome from @es_baby! #clothdiapers *so happy* on Twitpic
See? Not only did she pick out the perfect snaps to compliment the prints I chose, she went a step further and made them two toned and awesome. I love that kind of attention to detail.

Also, I love the snap layout on the front snapping diapers. The leg adjusting snaps are in the perfect spot to keep the legs snug without leaving weird (and potentially painful) marks on baby's thigh/hip (unlike some OS fitteds I've sold...) and they overlap ensuring that you can get the dipe just right on little ones. As opposed to a lot of OS diapers with a snapping rise area, these allow for four different size adjustments, so there is more room to grow without the diaper fitting poorly!

Downsides? Can't think of any.

Does Snapdragon love his es baby fitteds? What do you think?
Snapdragon tries on his new @es_baby #clothdiapers on Twitpic

So if you ask me if I can recommend a good overnight diaper, this is what I am going to say.

If you ask me what to put over it? I like the Nifty Nappy woolies best, and otherwise use my GroBaby shells or Wonderwrap. In a pinch, an AMP pocket, a Large Fuzzibunz pocket work pretty well too, but like I said, I LOVE the wool.

I almost forgot the best part. es baby OS fitteds are less expensive than their competition. How can you beat that?

You can pick up some es baby diapers at the es baby website, or the es etsy shop. You can also follow the es blog, because Christine is made of awesome, and if you sign up for the mailing list, you can get spiffy discounts too.

I was not compensated at all for this review, so yeah, I love em completely.

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Nifty Nappy said...

I love that star print! and I give her HUGE kudos for the snap thing! that is awesome!

taylorUSMCwife said...

Yay!!! I am loving those Goodmamas but I was browsing esbaby website and I might be in trouble (which would make YOU in trouble for introducing us!). =)

Slee said...

hey, they're kinda fantabulous.

Slee said...

@taylor it just occurred to me that you bought these for me, in a round about way, and a nifty nappy cover. :-)