Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In Just Nine Months

Dear Snapdragon,
It seems like only yesterday I was staring at your sweet and tiny face, and wondering just who you would be. I was counting the little white spots on your nose and inwardly giggling that you came into this world red, screaming, and covered in blemishes and I couldn't remember seeing anything quite so beautiful in my life.
But it wasn't yesterday. It was just over nine months ago. And now, well, now you've grown so much. You're over twice the baby you were then. You've put on over 12 pounds, and sprouted up over 8 inches. You're eating fruits and vegetables, and pulling my breast to you in the night when you want to nurse. The days of coaxing your sweet little mouth open as wide as possible in the hopes of a decent latch are long since gone. Now you've mastered the art of nursing and have moved on to trying to master giggling while nursing.
In just nine months, you've changed so much. You say "mama" and "dada" and "mamamamama" and "da!" and "nom nom." You squeal with delight when you see cats, you wave "bye bye" and pat my breast to make the milk flow faster, just like you pat the table when you want more "nom noms." Now, you reach for me when you want me to hold you. You scoot backwards across the room. You sit up and play with toys. You clap and patty cake.
Every day I am amazed at how you think and learn and grow and do.
I love you, Snapdragon, and I wouldn't change a moment of the last 9 months of nursing you and cuddling you, and nourishing your growth.

4 reflections:

Kristine said...

Gave me chills. So freakin sweet.

Melodie said...

Nine months is quite the milestone. I remember it well. That month when they start to have some words. It makes them almost like miniature people, which I suppose they are!

Upstatemomof3 said...

What a beautiful post. What an incredibly sweet post. My heart just melts for this sweet boy of yours. It all happens way too fast doesn't it?

Slee said...

Thank you. It just highlights how very impermanent is. They don't stay babies forever. They don't stay children forever. In the blink of an eye they're all grown up and trying to hold on the the seconds spent with their own young.
Babies don't keep.