Monday, February 22, 2010

The Great Fluffy Review: Apple Cheeks!

First off, I want to apologize. This picture doesn't do the cuteness justice. I had grandiose plans of a photoshoot with my mother, who is quite talented at staging for pictures and that whole camera angle thing, but she was sick, and so I decided to go with what I could do at home.

Secondly, I must apologize that I know you're looking at the Raspberry Sorbet cuteness on Snapdragon's hiney and thinking "why didn't I think to put my son in Raspberry Sorbet?" Face it, Raspberry Sorbet is the new blue. Don't believe me? Too bad. It is. I've been saying it for months.

This is our second Apple Cheeks Diaper. This summer I got a really cute blue one in their size 1. This is size 2. Sadly, Snapdragon rapidly outgrew the first diaper, and so I was really excited to have a chance to review this one.

Apple Cheeks are more or less a pocket diaper system, but also are intended to be happily used as a shell, because Apple Cheeks forgo the drying and unpleasant to touch microfiber and utilize bamboo and hemp inserts. They have two rows of adjustable snap closures, front snapping, on a layer of waterproof PUL lined polyester outer, with a soft microfleece lining. I like the inserts they use because they are two layers which are then tri-folded to fit in the dipe, so if you are hang drying, they're comparable to a prefold in terms of time. The diaper we were sent to review also came with a booster, which was very convenient since Snapdragon does this whole early morning fire hose peeing routine that leaks out of most of his pocket diapers.

I prefer to use our Apple Cheeks like a cover to using as a pocket, because then I can get about three changes out of it (barring poo-tastrophes) before having to switch to another diaper altogether. This means that I can use all of my Apple Cheeks inserts, or I can use some of my copious prefold stash with it, and still have the cuteness.

The Great:
Did I mention the cuteness?
The diapers are cute on baby, and the colors have great names, like "Mrs. Robinson" which is just such a fun blue.
I love the fit. While snapdragon *did* outgrow the size one before hitting the end of the weight recommendations, I am going to also point out that he inherited my thighs of chunkitude. Now, the size two is just perfect for him. It has elastic in the waist as well as in the legs, so the fit is more snug and less likely to let earlier mentioned poo-tastrophes wreck your day by having them coming out the legs or top of the diaper. Also, the leg elastic doesn't leave gaps for leaks the way some of my other diapers do.
They're dang absorbent. This is yet another diaper I trust to put Snapdragon in and hand him to someone well dressed. Would I let a bride hold him in her wedding gown in this diaper? Yes. I would. Even a bride I like.

The troubleshooting and laundry explanation goodness. Apple Cheeks does a great job of answering those questions that some of us cloth diapering moms have been known to lay awake during naptime pondering. Their FAQ and Care Instruction pages are quite thorough.

Still have questions about their products after reading there? Apple Cheeks' founder woman of niceness, Ilana Grostern, is often on Twitter, where she can answer your questions or just talk fluff or motherhood for a while. The accessibility of the people behind the product means a lot to me, because I know if I have a question or run into a problem, I'm not going to be let trying to guess my way through an issue. Apple Cheeks is also on Facebook. (She has some great recipes, for the record.)

The Good:
I think I already mentioned they wash up easy and the inserts dry faster than most, right? Well, they do. The pocket for stuffing them is in the middle and feels roomier than your average pocket diaper, and I like that it's easy to stuff.

As a two size system, Apple Cheeks don't have you running to get the next size up as often as traditional sizing systems which can involve new investments for newborn, small, medium, and large diapers. Half the reinvestment for the win!

Apple Cheeks are designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This would qualify as a GREAT, except, you know, I'm all from the US, so made in Canada is only my second favorite thing to read on a tag.

The Not So Good:
I am a queen of multi-tasking and I like it when I can use my diapers as many ways as possible. The shells just aren't quite big enough to use as a cover over a fitted. I know, they're not intended to be covers, but it's always a nice bonus when they can be.
#clothdiapers @Applecheeksdipe size 2 v amp duo OS on Twitpic
Pictured: Apple Cheeks size two shell on top of an AMP OS Duo.

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See in the middle of the bottom row? That was our lovely Mrs. Robinson size 1. It has gone to live with another family who needed it more after Snapdragon outgrew it.

Bottom line: I do like this diaper. It fits trimly, holds the wet in, and is easy to use.

Want one?

Apple Cheeks diapers are available all over, but you can buy them from Apple Cheeks, located in Canada, but more than happy to ship to where you are. Apple Cheeks offers flat rate shipping, so feel free to order more than one.

Apple Cheeks sent me one diaper for free so that I could review it. I have not been otherwise compensated for this review. My opinions remain my own.

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The picture is very cute! The diapers rock don't they!? :-)

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They really do.

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Took me time to read the whole article, the article is great but the comments bring more brainstorm ideas, thanks.

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