Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Wardrobeland

I recently learned something new.
Most winter clothes are really not very breastfeeding friendly.
That's a good question.
Sure, I suppose anything big enough can be lifted up, so what's the big deal?
Well, if it's a really thick sweater, it's not going to get lifted without a great deal of cumbersome irritation, and frankly, I don't like a bunch of extra fabric sitting on Snapdragon's head.
If it's form fitting, it doesn't lift well.
If you're planning on nursing while babywearing, then you really need a wrap or deep v-neck. Those are harder to find in the winter too. So where does this leave me? Rocking a bunch of seasonally inappropriate shirts. That's where.
So, enlighten me, oh wise women who have more than one winter of breastfeeding under your belt. Other than walking around the house nearly topless, what's your wardrobe solution to comfortable and easy frosty-day nursing wear?

6 reflections:

Zoey @ Good Goog said...

I discovered this while breastfeeding in the dead of freaking winter. I bought a few cotton-knit v-neck sweaters (or jumpers in my language) which were great because instead of lifting up I could pull them down while still keeping most of me warm.

That being said - I still felt the need to live on top of a heater and under a doona.

Calley said...

I can't be much help in this area mama! In FL we don't have to wear all that bulky stuff...even in the winter! Sure it gets cold and I sport a few more layers but overall it's not much different. My trusty nursing tank top and a good long sleeve shirt! I rock the t's most days since I work from home. If I go out...I wing it! Stay warm...summer will be here soon!

Ameya said...

I'm with ya! I have never sewed more than a tarot card bag in my life, yet i'm really tempted to start a line of winter nursing clothes. Sucks that i lack skills because i KNOW i'd sell quite a few, it's so hard to find winter nursing stuff.. especially that is affordable!

Pamela said...

Lately I've been wearing the maternity tanks with the shelf bra in them (let's not discuss that my breasts are halfway between my shoulders and hips... ahem...), a long sleeved shirt and a cardigan.

I'm channeling Mr. Rogers.

mommom said...

I always wore a tank top under a sweater or what have you. cardigans work great for this, and the tank looks like part of a twinset. If i wore a long sleeve blouse i could unbutton it and the tank covered the non-nursing side. tanks. they're my nursing solution. would be even awesomer IF you had a nursing tank (i never did)

beecher said...

Was discussing this with DH the other day. Specifically the lack of long sleeve nursing tops for sleeping in. I can make do in the daytime (I wear a tank-top and a shirt over it, sweaters or whatnot, and then take those off and nurse in just the nursing tank top. Or pull them down and nurse. But at night...I just wear a tank top to bed and sometimes it's quite cold! Bottom line, if you find a shirt you like, get several. That's the best I can do!