Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas on a Shoestring Budget

There's such a thing as miracles. I know this. But right now it's looking like our budget is next to nil for the holidays.
So I have concocted a plan. Specifically, for Mongosine, as she's the one who is most likely to feel hurt if Christmas is nearly barren for the second year.

1. Pull video card from old computer. Put in less old computer. Clear all my files off of it. Uninstall Norton and install avast. Personalize it with things like a password and a background and screen saver that will tickle her pink. Dust well. Add bow.

2. Finish Quilt she designed. (needs backed, quilted, and bound)

3. Make funky floor cushion for her.

4. Convert old pair of her too-small but awesomely-embroidered jeans into a fashion forward purse.

5. Make her a little vampire soft body doll.

This is a lot of work. But I also want to make stockings. Snapdragon doesn't own one yet, and mine is falling apart. But if I make for me and Snapdragon only, Mongoosine is liable to feel left out. And if I neglect he daddy, well, that's just rude. But this project is *last* because step 1 is going to be the most meaningful to her.

5 reflections:

Upstatemomof3 said...

that actually sounds like a perfect Christmas

Slee said...

Yeah, it actually has me feeling a little bit like I can handle this holiday season and slightly less wanting to hide under a rock.

Calley said...

Gifts from the heart mama! Trust me...spoiled children like mine dont appreciate anything that they get! He's actually getting a few hand-me-down items this year including a laptop that was given to us from a friend! Lil B is getting all his old baby toys - Little People will be spewing around my house Christmas morning! Yikes!

Hugs and keep positive! You are doing a great job!

Gwenn S. said...

Those are wonderful gift ideas! I've been trying to get my butt on the sewing machine to make gifts too as we have nil for christmas this year as well. I think your dd is going to love all those things!

Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

I love that you quilt! I wish I could be so crafty and handy. Handmade personalized gifts are so much better than store-bought gifts anyway. I would much rather receive any of these homemade items made from love! And hopefully she'll treasure them and be able to appreciate your hard work and the care that went into these items for her whole life!