Sunday, November 15, 2009

UnEvil Guide to Holiday Gifting

Education, eco-friendly, made in the USA, WAHM made, forward thinking, or just downright UnEvil. I hope these gift ideas inspire you to feel good about your holiday gifting. Please check back often, as I like to add things as inspiration strikes. Thank you, and happy holidays!

Kids of All Ages:

They're extra-tasty-crispy not-evil educational and environmentally conscious. And lets be honest, a huggable gobe for your kids? How cool is that?

Made in the USA, encourages movement, and not all plastic-i-fied.

Made in the USA, encourages eco-activism, made of recycled content and vegetable inks.

There are so many makers, though I've liked looking at these for a while now. They personalize your kids' lunches, while reducing the waste impact of their daily life, and they offer a great conversation piece for your budding environmental activist.

Handmade dolls
I am a huge fan of WAHM-made goods, and found these diverse dollmakers on etsy, like ProjectGrabBag and HollyHobbyShop

Handmade Stuffed Animals
Did I mention, WAHM-made means supporting moms and families? I love these and these from etsy. This shop even has a robot plush doll.

Ethical Chocolate
Candy for kids, that no kids were involved in the making of. Sweet.
You can go to for sources of Slave-Free chocolate. You'll feel better about it.


WHAM made. Because babies love food, we just don't want them all eating it.

Baby Blocks
There are some awesome Baby Block sets on etsy. Like the Rockin' Blocks Skull n Bones alphabet blocks by beebles.

Grown Ups:

Make a donation to a charity which is meaningful to them. I personally am a huge fan of Heifer International.

Magazine subscriptions. Preferably UnEvil ones. You know, the type that focus on ways to live in better harmony with the planet or something educational.

Reusable Bags
I personally am in love with HautTotes for their stylin' individuality and flair, but for something simpler, there's Cathy's Totes.

Conversational Games
They're great because they bring people together, and that's UnEvil.
Here are some party games that are made in the USA.

Nursing Dyads:

Baby Wearing apparatus.
It's nice to be able to nurse on the go, and Mei Tais and Wraps make that really easy, while promoting bonding, and bonding is UnEvil. Dittany Baby makes Mei Tais and Pouch Slings which are made in the USA, and that's even more UnEvil.

Nursing covers.
Sometimes a little cover can be a good thing. There're types that drape over the pair. Types that go between the pair, and even clips to convert a blanket on the fly.

Disclosure: I have not been compensated to specifically include any product in this list as of the original posting. Should I receive any products to include in this list, I will denote said products by marking them ^ and will disclose appropriately following this statement.

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