Thursday, October 22, 2009

WeeEssentials Review

WeeEssentials = Too Cute.
So I had another truly milktastic moment. About three weeks ago I was laying in bed in that early morning drowsing kind of way that I lay there when I have zero desire to get up, but alas, Snapdragon was awake and opening his mouth in that way that can only mean "hey you with the boobs, yes, you, feed me. Now." Sweet, right? So I cuddle him to me, which isn't hard since we cosleep and he's always right there. Of course, this might be part of the reason why he wakes up with that "baby you, you got what I need" kind of look. In any case, he latches on, and the next thing you know, my arm, some 12" or so from my chest is being sprayed with milk, *through my shirt.*
Talk about a let down.
This had to stop, and as I've stated before, we are trying so very hard to do this baby raising thing as sustainably as possible. That's why I was so excited when one of my tweeps recommended WeeEssentials. Not only does she make mama cloth, baby wipes, wet bags, and divinely smelling soap bits which are perfect for homemade wipe solution for those cloth wipes lovers out there, she makes some of the cutest nursing pads I have ever seen. Nope, the cutest.

They're made with an uber-adorable printed layer that goes against your skin, either a cotton or bamboo absorbent layer, a layer of PUL for waterproofness, and a layer of white flannel so as to avoid the whole "why are there rainbow hearts showing through your shirt" awkward moment that you all know would happen if they were constructed the other way around. And however much we'd like to say it, "Because I <3>

The sweetheart behind WeeEssentials sent me both a bamboo and a cotton set of nursing pads, as well as some soap bits to try out so I could tell you all whether her goods are actually as spifftacular as they look.

The answer is: No.
They're More Spifftacular.

I like the cuteness of her nursing pads, but I love that the cotton prints feel nice against the tatas. I like that the edges are pinked instead of surged. I like that they wash up well. I love that I haven't leaked past them while using them, despite my letdown of doom superpowers.
I love that they're even thinner than the LLLI nursing pads I also reviewed.
That said, because they aren't contoured, depending on the exact shape of the girls, they might be more visible under a tight clingy shirt. But if you're anything like me, tight and clingy shirts went out when TTC turned into TTGSS (tryin' to get some sleep).
I love that they're comfortable. If you have a gnawing nurser like I do, you know that some days you get sore, and when you're sore, you certainly don't want something that isn't perfectly comfy.
I also LOVE that when you're buying from WeeEssentials, you're supporting a WAHM, which means you're supporting a mom, a creative mom, and you're also supporting her family, and it feels awfully good to be able to buy great products and know that there are individuals to whom it makes a difference.
Did I just say great products?
Yeah, Soap Bits. I am in love. And not just that new "omg, you're so hot and we both breathe air through our noses so we must be meant for eachother" kind of infatuated love, but real diaper change time love with Soap Bits. You can dissolve them in water to make a wicked cool wipe solution that smells absolutely delightful (we tried Witches Brew and Eucalyptus Spearmint) and doesn't irritate sensitive baby skin. I had been using either water or water with aloe for wipe solution, but it is so nice to have a sweet smelling solution that doesn't have any nasty harmful chemicals in it and that smells good. Love it. Love it love it love it.

And did I mention that her prices are really great? I didn't? Well, they are. A pair of nursing pads only cost $4.50, and her shipping is fairly low too. So what are you waiting for?

Check out her shop. You won't be disappointed.

Disclosure: as previously mentioned, I was compensated for this review with soapbits and nursing pads. The opinions are mine entirely, and if they're swayed, they're only swayed because baby butt smells good and my shirt isn't moist.

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Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Things have certainly changed in the past 30 years I couldn't begin to guess what those were for LOL

Annie said...

Great review! I love how entertaining it was!
Spiftacular? LOVE that word!